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Solid Spool-Holders for 3D Printing

at {dayjob}, I ended up in charge of a small fleet of Dremel Desktop FDm 3D printers. These machines, by default, work with a proprietary size of filament spool with a built in RFID chip. I decided to switch to using a generic PLa filament to save on material costs and sourcing headaches. Unfortunately, the new style of spool didn’t fit into the built in compartment in the printers’ enclosure. To get around this problem, I designed and build a set of spool-holders.

My design requirements for this project were as follows:

Here’s what I came up with:

If you’re interested in using this design or taking inspiration from it, feel free. A bill of matrerials and some drawings are available below, or grab all of my design files from github.

Bill of Materials

Description Vendor Part # Unit Cost Unit QTY QTY Sub Total
Acetal Screw-Head Mount Knobs McMaster-Carr 91175A066 $8.52 25 1 $0.34
Reinforced Plastic Knurled-Head Thumb Nut McMaster-Carr 93886A270 $13.03 10 1 $1.30
Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw McMaster-Carr 91290A472 $5.16 5 1 $1.03
Steel Sheet 12x12x0.188” Metal Supermarkets x $18.83 1 0.75 $14.12
Total: $16.80